African In Asia

African Presence In Asia

African influence  can be seen all throughout the world.  In Egypt, for example, you can clearly see that the noses of the Sphinx were  unique to Africans.  According to Herodotus (a Greek historian),  the Ethiopians said that the Egyptians were nothing but a colony of Ethiopians.  Many of us were taught that philosophy originated in Greece, but  Thales, the first Greek Philosopher, and the first philosopher recorded to have studied in Africa says he learned philosophy from the Egyptians.


In a New York Times  article written on September 21, 2016, it was reported that three separate teams of geneticists surveyed DNA collected from cultures around the globe, and they all concluded that all non-Africans today can trace their ancestry to a single population emerging from Africa between 50,000 and 80,000 years ago.  Thus, giving legitimacy to the theory that the world was populated from Africa.

Although scientist agree that the  population of the world can be traced to Africa, an  African presence in Asia is the most perplexing to most people.  The presence of Africans in ancient  Asia is one of the least-studied subjects in all of Asian history but that does not mean that an  African  presence in Asia lacks significance. Existing scholarship reveals that Africans traveled to and settled in various regions in Asia, from the Arabian Peninsula to Nagasaki.  As such, there should be no surprise that perhaps Ancient Africans introduced Buddhism to Asia!  It is believed by many that Buddhism originated in India;  however, there is ample evidence from ancient writings and perhaps more importantly, ancient hyrographics from Egyptians and Buddhist themselves which prove otherwise.  Simply look at  the culture and philosophies of Ancient Egyptians and  Africans which offer greater depth into Buddhist philosophies.  All  throughout Asia you will see many images of Buddha, his hair has tight coils and his face is distinctly African.  How can you not draw the conclusion that the ancient religion of  Buddhism is not linked to Africa?


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