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Covid-19 Updates


We are asked everyday by our customers if they should purchase travel insurance. The answer is: YES, YES and YES!!


When you are planning that dream vacation, you are super excited and all systems are go!Having to cancel your vacation is the furthest thing from your mind and then…BAM!!!! Just beforeit is time to go, your vacation gets rescinded and your boss tells you are needed at work OR you suddenly fall ill, and you cannot go. If you did not purchase travel insurance all of your plans AND your money has just circled the drain and is about to drip into the abyss of the sink.However, if you DID purchase travel insurance your trip might be headed down the drain, but you can rest assured your money will not follow.


Jetlife Vacations has partnered with the Allianz travel insurance company to ensure you are covered should the unexpected rear its ugly head. Allianz offers a wide variety of travel insurance plans designed to meet all your travel insurance needs.

For more information inquire about insurance coverage when booking your trip. WE GOT YOU COVERED!


How can I delay my trip and transfer it to another date later due to Covid Issues? What should be the procedure?

We respect the challenges and travel complications related to the virus. Just mail us the details of your trip, the trip which you want to transfer to, and the challenges you are facing (mention relevant email address.) Our team will entertain your mail at the earliest about transferring to the trip suggested by you.

I want to book a New Trip. Do I need to worry about the evolving issues posed by Covid?

Jet Life Vacations are well aware of the unpredictable uncertainties. Rules and Govt. Policies are changing on a regular basis, our team is regularly following the platforms of concerned authorities like WHO and CDC to remain and decide accordingly about the Scheduled Trips. Moreover, we have the room for facilitating you with free of cost and flexible travel transfers to confirm the protection of your funds and you can also avail transfer and refund facilities in case Jet Life Vacations cancel a trip due to CoronaVirus Challenges.

However, the purchase of comprehensive travel insurance is recommended to manage any fees charged in consequence of cancellations by the companies.

I’m not sure whether I should deposit the amount due to Covid-19

You need not worry at all. Jet Life Vacations offer Flexible Trip Transfers and Refund options for you to remain confident and relaxed about the money you deposit in case of cancellation of trips because of the said issue.

Are Airlines offering any particular options regarding the sensitiveness of current times?

Airlines, Travel Agents, and/or Travel Insurance Providers are the most reliable sources to inquire from if you want to cancel an already booked flight. Usually, the airlines and agents do facilitate travel credit or coupons of the same value you deposited for the flight. We suggest contacting and requesting credit for a flight in near future.

If your plan is to book one at present for recently scheduled flights, you would be delighted to learn free cancellations by airline companies.

How can I ask for a change/update/upgrade in my already booked experience?

The payments you deposit to us for your trip are used to pay for the hotel/residence and activities and other expenses. As you contact us for changing/delaying/transferring your trip to another date by canceling the presently purchased one, we request the vendors for the change/delay or repayment. It is important to note that our control on the policies of vendors is limited, some may entertain, others may not. However, we will give our best to convince and negotiate on your behalf. As we start receiving positive responses hinting that vendors are flexible for the transfer, indeed great news. Afterward, inform us with the next date to plan for the trip.

What if I am unable to make Monthly Payments?

Jet Life Vacations understand the challenges and complications the virus has ignited with itself. Financial Stress falls on the very list. Hence, just mail us to explain the issue, our team will revert with a monthly payment plan that suits you better and is more feasible.

What are the options if the Trip is officially canceled?

Option A

Transfer all the balance to Private Experience as per your preferred dates(Decide on dates, Travel Crew and Budget, and the experience will be planned accordingly), definitely at a more suitable time for travel.


Option B

Transfer balance to another trip scheduled later.


Option C

Finance can also be an issue. We accommodate a full refund of the payments made towards the trip once you deposit. The deposit will be termed as a credit for the trip in near future.

What is the best travel insurance if I would like to cancel my trip due to Covid-19?

Usually, trip cancellations are covered in the standard travel insurance policies. Insurer compensates for the travel cancellation or interruption for the events beyond your control and those which are mentioned in the policy. For instance, illness, death of the traveler, a traveling partner or death of the family member not traveling, unfriendly weather, a terrorism accident, and a natural disaster are most covered by the insurance companies under the head of Trave Cancellation or Travel Interruption.


However, the facility of “cancel for any reason” is available for purchase. You can purchase the option along with the standard insurance plan or as an alternative as well. The facility will cover cancellation or interruption even for the reasons not stated in the policy which can include covid-19. Furthermore, if you wish to have a real policy letting you recoup the expense, you need the “cancel for any reason” policy, the charges of which usually are twice the value of regular travel insurance.

Covid 19 Travel Guidelines

Save Vacations

Covid-19 Negative Report

Covid-19 Negative Report within 72 hours before the commencement of travel time is mandatory for all the travelers. Traveling will not be allowed if the report is not submitted in due time as per the guidance of the concerned authorities. Jet Life Vacations realize the challenges but adhering to the recommendations has to be the best approach to ensure the safety of all the travelers. Please contact us right away if your report declares positive.

Personal Protection Requirements

Jet Life Vacations in collaboration with the airline make sure that all the disinfecting standard operating protocols are religiously followed. Similarly, to cooperate with the objective, all the travelers are required to carry/wear/use personal protection equipment during the flight. Wearing masks and having hand sanitizer along with it is mandatory. Furthermore, the seats and all the other activities are planned in a way to ensure social distancing.

Travel Throught
Think Smart Travels

Instructions throughout the Travel

Covid-19 has made the lives of all the people vulnerable. Even the slightest of a breach in the SOPs issued by the World Health Organization may lead to contact of coronavirus. Therefore, you’re advised to wear a mask throughout the journey and remain in the distance to avoid future inconveniences. Moreover, the coordinator will also accompany you to direct and facilitate you in observance of the SOPs to perfection.

Regular Temperature Checks

Jet Life Vacations also has the responsibility of taking care of you and removing all the chances for contacting of covid-19. Therefore, most importantly, all the staff members will also be getting tested before the start of the trip. Only the ones with negative results will proceed to your service throughout the trip. We will also be facilitating with hand sanitizers and conducting regular temperature checks following the guidance from WHO.

Plan Ahead


Although COVID vaccinations are not available to the public right now, travelers still need to consider vaccinations when traveling to certain countries. Listen, we know in this day and age many people do not want any parts of a vaccination but when it is required–well…it’s REQUIRED!


Before traveling the CDC recommends you discuss your itinerary with your health care provider to make sure you get any destination-specific vaccines and medicines, such as a yellow fever vaccine or medicine to prevent malaria.

The CDC divides vaccines into three categories:

  1. Routine
  2. Required
  3. Recommended


Vaccines that are recommend for everyone in the United States based on their age, health condition, or other risk factors.


The vaccines that travelers must have in order to enter a country based on that country’s government regulations.


Vaccines that the CDC recommends for travelers to get to protect their health, even though they are not required for entry by the government of the country you are visiting.

The CDC recommends you make an appointment with a travel medicine specialist or your health care provider at least a month prior to travel.

Bottom Line: We love our Jetlife Vacations travelers, and we want you to be healthy as you trot around the globe with us!